The primary way that our foundation supports schools is by awarding grants to teachers and staff via a prize patrol in December that includes district leaders and foundation board members showing up to surprise award winners with giant checks and balloons. These grants fund classroom resources, robotic clubs, support for specialized programs, gardens for elementary students, and so much more.

3.2 Million Dollars
iUniversity Prep
Investing in Education
The Education Foundation’s STAR Grant Prize Patrol

Due to the pandemic, fundraising has been especially tough and many of our fundraising events had to be canceled. Our teachers and staff have been working incredibly hard this year and most say that this is by far the most difficult year they have ever experienced. They need our help now more than ever, and we need your support!

For just $1 a day you can help us keep this tradition alive and show the teachers and students in our community how much you care. Please donate today and share with your friends so that they can help out too! All donations are tax deductible. Strong schools mean strong communities and strong communities mean a bright future for all of us. Thank you!