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Grand total nearly $3.5 million

In an atmosphere of excitement with drummers and oversized checks, teachers are surprised in their classrooms and proclaimed winners by Foundation Elves. STAR Educator Grants are made possible through: unrestricted donations, endowment donations, and corporate sponsorships.


28 grants + awards = $115,945

The Grapevine-Colleyville Education Foundation Grant Patrol awarded funds for 28 Grapevine-Colleyville ISD projects totaling $91,700, on Friday, December 7. Additionally, all GCISD campuses received endowment grants and awards totaling $24,245 – resulting in a total of $115,945 grants to-date for the 2018-19 school year.

District Initiatives:

$ 25,000 – GCISD Professional Learning, awarded to Dr. Suzanne Newell and Curriculum & Instruction team; district-wide initiative for professional development; grades K-12

$ 11,871 – STEM: Data, Building, Robotics, and More, awarded to Tony Zahn and Jennifer Hylemon; district-wide initiative for STEM; grades K-12

$ 10,000 – Advancing Robotics in GCISD, awarded to Nate Dunn, Maxwell Miller, Keanan Matthews-Hall, and Daniel Kim; district-wide initiative for middle school STEM; grades 6-8

$ 9,000 – 2Words: Monumental Impact, awarded to Jay Zeller; district-wide initiative for athletics; grades 6-12

$ 6,400 – Midwest Band Clinic for GCISD Band Staff, awarded to Nick Thomas, Shannon Gill, Lauren Jones, Kim Beene, Paul Najera, Jennifer Gish, and David Zahrndt; district-wide initiative for fine arts; grades 6-12

$ 4,000 – Exceptional Pre-K Experiences, awarded to Kristi Brown; district-wide initiative for pre-K

Teaching Grants:

$ 3,000 – Collecting and Analyzing Real Time Data in Chemistry, awarded to Joshua Bergerson, Erin Smith, Michael Nottingham, Nathan Cooper, and Patton Garay; Grapevine High School chemistry; grades 9-12

$ 3,000 – 21st Century Biology: Part 2, awarded to Julee Sanders-Diehl, Madeleine Backstrom, Courtney Bingham, JJ Burton, and Andy Jacobs; Grapevine High School biology; grades 9-12

$ 2,793 – Spectrometer Upgrade, awarded to Sonya Loughran, Jessica Bell, Jason Crump, Cortney Kays, Michael Turner, Tanner Hannah, Miral Kiwasmi, and Leslie Singles; Colleyville Heritage High School science; grades 9-12

$ 2,500 – Barred Instrument Overhaul, awarded to Ashley Benson; Bransford Elementary School fine arts; grades preK-5

$ 2,000 – Nonbreakable Mirrors for Silver Dance Team, awarded to Gigi Gonzalez; Cross Timbers Middle School fine arts; grades 6-8

$ 1,820 – Taking Robotics to the Next Level, awarded to Keanan Hall; Grapevine Middle School STEM; grades 6-8

$ 1,278 – Flipped Classroom via Swivl, awarded to Nicki Clem, Diana Schmitz, Cindy Pearson, and Sheila Shimmick; Colleyville Elementary School, multiple subject areas; grade 4

$ 1,000 – Filling in the Gaps, awarded to Ellena Lee; Silver Lake Elementary School music; grades 3-5

$ 1,000 – GHS RISE Vocational Training Initiative, awarded to Debra Tridico, Doug Hood, Diane Elliott, and Olivia Griswold; Grapevine High School special education; grades 9-12

$ 975 – The Union of Two Great American Artists: Robert Frost and Randall Thompson, awarded to Thomas Rinn; Colleyville Heritage High School fine arts; grades 9-12

$ 750 – Dash Robot, awarded to Angela Harris; Glenhope Elementary School gifted education; grades K-5

$ 750 – Pivot Interactives Lab Improvement, awarded to Steven Rains; iUniversity Prep science; grades 11-12

$ 741 – Qball-Whatcha Say? Let Scholars Be Heard, awarded to Holley Grosberg, Megan Randle, Shauna Hunter, Anna Weston, and Tanya Kellerman; Dove Elementary School; all subject areas; grade 3

$ 645 – Literature and the Arts, awarded to Dr. Jamie Halliburton, Raschel Boyd, Taylor Wallis, Cathy Swick, and Angela McClure; Bransford Elementary School; all subject areas; grades preK-5

$ 500 – Art Attack, awarded to Cathy Swick, Dr. Jamie Halliburton, and Angela McClure; Bransford Elementary School; all subject areas; grades preK-5

$ 500 – English Classroom Library, awarded to Andrea Brankin; Bridges Accelerated Learning Center language arts; grades 9-12; .

$ 500 – New Bridges Speech Team., awarded to Pennie Walters; Bridges Accelerated Learning Center multiple subject areas; grades 9-12

$ 500 – Art As We Know It Podcast, awarded to Kim Thibodeaux and Alex Alkire; Colleyville Heritage High School multiple subject areas; grades 9-12

$ 402 – Fun Food Friday, awarded to Shannon Kennedy; Timberline Elementary School special education; grades K-5

$ 300 – Phoenixes Read!, awarded to Mark Dye and Kristinia Haney; Collegiate Academy language arts; grades 9-12

$ 300 – The Colt Accomplice: Podcast Initiative, awarded to Kristy Lilley; Colleyville Middle School multiple subject areas; grades 6-8

$ 175 – Kimochis for Social/Emotional Learning, awarded to Jennifer Pettit; Cannon Elementary School; grade K.

22 grants = $ 100,140

On December 15, 2017, the “Star” Grant Patrol awarded funds for 22 Grapevine-Colleyville ISD projects totaling $100,140. Congratulations to all 2017-18 grant recipients!

District Initiatives:

$ 25,000 - GCISD Professional Learning, awarded to Dr. Suzanne Newell and Curriculum and Instruction Directors & Coordinators for professional development, grades K-12

$ 24,500 - Expanding Design Thinking and Problem Solving in STEM, awarded to Tony Zahn and Jennifer Hylemon for Science/STEM, grades K-9

$ 15,000 - Creating Beyond the Screen, awarded to Tony Zahn for Instructional Technology, grades PreK-5

$ 4,600 - Assessing ASPIRE Academics, awarded to Becky Manning, Alex Fingers, Dr. Wynette Griffin, and Shannon Tovar for ASPIRE Academy reading and math, grades 1-8

$ 4,600 - Get Fit With DrumFIT, awarded to Kensley Sutherlin and elementary physical education teachers, physical education, grades K-5

$ 4,150 - Embracing the Challenge of Effective Reading, awarded to Sharon Gardner and Curriculum Staff for Reading, English, & Language Arts, grades 6-12

Teacher Grants:

$ 7,500 - Making Music, awarded to Jamie Halliburton, Ashley Benson, and Cathy Swick of Bransford Elementary School Music, grades K-5

$ 2,000 - I Can Read, awarded to Heather Almodovar, Elia Reyes, and Patricia Adame-Carlos of Timberline Elementary School, Reading, grades 1-5

$ 2,000 - 21st Century Biology, awarded to Julee Sanders-Diehl, Madeleine Backstrom, Courtney Bingham, J.J. Burton, and Andy Jacobs of Grapevine High School Biology,grades 9-12

$ 2,000 - Program Growth Support Equipment for Pony Pride Dance Team, awarded to Kathryn Mercer and Krysta Brewer of Grapevine Middle School Fine Arts, grades 6-8

$ 1,849 - Job Skills, Shredding, awarded to Debra Tridico, Nikki Cook, Diane Elliott, and Doug Hood of Grapevine High School Career Prep 1 and 2, Practicum of Human Services, grades 9-12

$ 1,669 - Words Their Way for Everyone!, awarded to Rebecca Sporrer, Cecilia Shipley, Amy Hisel, Lori Jackson, Sheri Thompson, and Taylor Wallis of Silver Lake Elementary School, Spelling, Vocabulary, and Writing, grades 1-5

$ 1,100 - Swivl Around and See Good Instruction, awarded to Shauna Hunter and Katelyn Covert of Dove Elementary School, Suzanne Barker of Grapevine Elementary School, and Janie Stach, GCISD Coordinator of Instructional Technology, grades K-5

$ 1,000 - GMS L.E.A.D.S.-Leadership that Encourages Action to Develop Success, awarded to Jamie Nutt and Laura Koehler of Grapevine Middle School for Leadership/TeamBuilding/ Communications, grades 6-8

$ 1,000 - Fences: A Night to Remember, awarded to Heath Hamrick and Laurie Alsobrook of iUniversity Prep Academy for Secondary Social Studies, grades 7-12

$ 460 - Juggling Equipment for Juggling Club, awarded to Linda Lancaster and Brenda Ewing of Bridges Accelerated Learning Center for Social Studies, grades 9-12

$ 400 - Accessing for Differentiated Learning, awarded to Cindy Pearson, Sheila Shimmick, Mackenzie Feaster, Rebecca Smith, Natasha Murray, Catherine Auker, Holly Bowman, and Deborah Hedges of Colleyville Elementary School for Reading, grades 3-5

$ 360 - Recording Boxes for Quality Video Presentations, awarded to Christina Hayes and Will Boykin of Glenhope Elementary School, grade 5

$ 312 - Phonetic Awareness-Rhyme Time, awarded to Keari Hatton, Shauna Barnard, Leah Thomas, and India Maine of Dove Elementary School for Humanities, grade K

$ 300 - Cyber Security Training and Competition, awarded to Jerry Price of iUniversity Prep Academy for Computer Science, Engineering, and Instructional Technology, grades 9-12

$ 240 - Egg Incubator, awarded to Kelsey Boatwright, Michaela Gilmore, Corrie Kaufmann, and Jeanette Hill of Bransford Elementary School for Science, grade 1

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